Paint Care for Volkswagens

Taking care of your vehicles paint not only keeps your vehicle looking brand new for longer, it
can also help prolong your vehicles life. There is a wide range of car wash and detailing products
available, suitable for all makes and models. This surplus of options may also make caring for your
vehicles paint seem overwhelming; leaving you wondering if you have the right products for your
vehicle. Popular European brands, such as Volkswagen often require specialized parts, making
maintenance more difficult for the Do It Yourself enthusiast. At Spotlite Collision we know our way
around a vast array of Volkswagen and European models. Through our 40 years of experience servicing
the people of Vancouver, we have gained a few helpful tips when it comes to Volkswagen paint care.

The best and easiest way to care for the paint of your vehicle is to regularly wash and wax your
vehicle. We recommend a good wash at least once or twice a month to remove bugs, bird droppings
and salt. If left these things can cause stains to form. As for waxing, it is recommended that you wax
your vehicle with the changing of the seasons, or more regularly in harsher weather conditions. If
possible, we recommend that you clean your vehicle in an area free of dust and sand and out of direct
sunlight. Pieces of dust and sand can become lodged in your cleaning cloths and cause scratches when
dragged across your vehicles paint. A helpful tip to avoid possible scratches is to use multiple cloths.
Cleaning under direct sunlight can cause your soap and wax to dry too quickly, resulting in a hazy

First, rinse your car thoroughly to wash away any loose dirt or dust from your vehicle’s surface.
Then using a microfiber cloth and a gentle car cleaner wash the exterior of your vehicle. It is recommended
that you always use a cleaner made specifically for vehicles. DO NOT use dish soap as dish soap can
strip the wax and leave a dull finish. Once you have completely dried your vehicle you can apply your
wax. Wax is a great and easy way to keep your vehicle looking brand new and prolong its life. Using a
microfiber cloth apply a thin, even coat of wax to a single portion of your vehicle, using a circular motion.
When your wax begins to dry to a haze go back and clean off the wax with a dry cloth.

To avoid any unnecessary damage when detailing your vehicle, we recommend that you do not
use polish or hard-wax on matte finished or plastic parts. Regular wax can affect the finish of matte paint
and it is better to use a sealant specifically made for a matte paint. Polishes and waxes left on plastic
parts can leave a chalky white stain, due to the polish/wax working its way into the pores of the plastic.
The best way to avoid this is to clean these areas of all polish/wax as quickly as possible.

At Spotlite Collision, we specialize in European body repair and restoration. Our skilled
technicians know their way around a wide range of European makes and models, whether at the bottom
with frame straightening or at the top with our state-of-the-art paint matching system. So bring your
Volkswagen, Mercedes or BMW to Spotlite Collision where we can make it looking good as new.