How to Protect Your Car From Vancouver Rain Damage

The most noticeable thing about a vehicle is how good it looks on the outside. Keeping a vehicle’s paint bright and shiny isn’t just about appearances. Protecting the exterior of your vehicle is a good way to maintain its overall value and lifespan. Living in the Vancouver area causes a number of challenges to maintaining a vehicle’s shine. One challenge that can often be overlooked is rain damage. Vancouver gets a lot of rain, and while water is not inherently bad for your vehicle, the particles in the water can be. Car painting can be expensive and tiresome, so below are some tips on how to protect your car’s shine from rain damage in the Vancouver area.

Wash it Regularly

After a rainfall, you should be able to see the watermarks that are left on your vehicle. These marks are the impurities in the water, such as dirt, minerals and airborne pollutants. Your vehicle should have a “two-stage” car painting system, meaning it will have a base layer of paint and a second layer of clear coat on top. The clear coat can become contaminated by these watermarks and will begin to scratch if these are allowed to buildup. It is best to wash your car after a heavy rainfall or multiple times a month during rainy season. This way the impurities won’t have a chance to buildup and do damage.  

Protect it With Wax

While keeping it clean is a good start, using an automotive wax adds another layer of protection from rain damage. Many of these wax products can provide you with up to a week of clear coat protection. Choosing a wax can be difficult, and while liquid waxes add protection, a premium paste wax will provide you with the best means to keeping your vehicle’s shine during Vancouver rainfalls.

Protect it with Sealant

If you want to take your vehicle’s protection to the next level in its fight against rain damage, it is recommended you get a coat of sealant. This type of clear coat car painting adds an extra layer and will be the best protection against any rain damage, and can be done at Spotlite Collision.

You don’t need to be an expert on car painting to protect your vehicle from rain damage. With these tips you should make it through Vancouver rains with a great shine! For any further questions or concerns about rain damage, be sure to visit us in-store, or contact our Vancouver Auto Body Shop directly today!