The Most Popular European Cars in Vancouver

In major Canadian cities like Vancouver, it is not uncommon to see a vast selection of cars o the road made by a number of manufacturers based all over the world. Although it is true that European imports are not as popular on Canadian roads compared to cars made by North American and Asian based manufacturers, there are plenty of examples of popular European cars all over Vancouver streets. Below you’ll find a list of some of the most popular European vehicles found on Vancouver streets today. For each of these vehicles, the auto collision experts at Spotlite Collision are ready to offer top quality repairs. We are fully stocked with a great selection of replacement parts for cars made by Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and more! So, let’s see what are the most popular European cars in Vancouver


Audi makes a great selection of vehicles that combine luxury features with high-performance engines that offer comfort and performance to drivers. Their most popular models that can be found in Canadian cities in Vancouver include the Audi A4 and A5 sedans, as well as the Audi Q5 SUV. The Q5, in particular, has been among the best selling European cars across Canada, and continues to experience higher sales numbers each year. The A4 and its predecessor the A5 are also continuously growing in popularity. Since being introduced in 2017, the A4 has quickly become Canada’s third best-selling premium passenger car. As European imports continue to grow in popularity, Audi remains a big part of that niche group, so don’t be surprised to see more and more driving on Vancouver roads in the near future.


Mercedes vehicles have long been among the most popular luxury European imports available in North America. They continue to offer a great selection of cars that are suited to a wide range of driver’s needs. In terms of overall popularity, the Mercedes C Class vehicles which include sedan, coupe and convertible models, stand head and shoulders above the competition. These premium passenger cars are extremely popular among Vancouver drivers. However, the popularity of the Mercedes-Benz GLC, which is an adapted SUV design of existing C Class vehicles, has begun to emerge as a very popular choice among drivers in Vancouver as well as across Canada.


The BMW 3 Series remains a highly popular option among Vancouver drivers, second only to the Mercedes C class. In recent years, BMW has expanded the number of models offered to North American drivers, which has contributed to a slight downturn in sales of the 3 Series. This has not affected BMW’s overall sales in North America, as the BMW 4 Series has been introduced to a Canadian market that is hungry for a  strong selection of high-performance luxury vehicles.


Easily the most popular choice among drivers looking for quality European manufactured vehicles, Volkswagen brings a number of quality options to the Canadian market. Despite the downturn in sales in the wake of the 2015 diesel emission scandal, models like the VW Golf, Jetta and Tiguan remain popular choices among Vancouver drivers. The Golf offers excellent performance and versatility for drivers, while the Jetta keeps setting the standard for performance and luxury in an affordable European import. Meanwhile, the Tiguan remains a popular option for drivers looking for a spacious vehicle that offers excellent comfort and performance.

When it comes to finding the ideal auto collision service for these popular European import vehicles, there is no better choice for Vancouver drivers than Spotlite Collision. We specialize in providing top quality repairs of a wide range of European cars. To find out more, or to inquire about any repairs your vehicle may require, be sure to contact our Auto Body Shop in Vancouver today!

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