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volkswagen paint

Paint Care for Volkswagens

Taking care of your vehicles paint not only keeps your vehicle looking brand new for longer, it
can also help prolong your vehicles life. There is a wide range of car wash and detailing products
available, suitable for all makes and models. This surplus of options may also make caring for your
vehicles paint seem overwhelming; leaving you wondering if you have the right products for your
vehicle. Popular European brands, such as Volkswagen often require specialized parts, making
maintenance more difficult for the Do It Yourself enthusiast. At Spotlite Collision we know our way
around a vast array of Volkswagen and European models. Through our 40 years of experience servicing
the people of Vancouver, we have gained a few helpful tips when it comes to Volkswagen paint care.

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vw golf evolution

The Evolution of the VW Golf | Auto Body Shop Vancouver

The Volkswagen Golf has remained one of the most popular Volkswagen models since being introduced in 1974. Initially, this car was created as a replacement for the more dated design of the Volkswagen Beetle, but it has since become a one of Volkswagen’s most versatile and reliable offerings to date. In its lifetime, the VW Golf has undergone a series of upgrades and changes that have helped keep it a popular choice for all kinds of drivers. Below you’ll find a brief timeline that tracks the evolution of the VW Golf and the innovative designs and upgrades that have resulted in the car we know today.

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the most popular european cars in vancouver

The Most Popular European Cars in Vancouver

In major Canadian cities like Vancouver, it is not uncommon to see a vast selection of cars o the road made by a number of manufacturers based all over the world. Although it is true that European imports are not as popular on Canadian roads compared to cars made by North American and Asian based manufacturers, there are plenty of examples of popular European cars all over Vancouver streets. Below you’ll find a list of some of the most popular European vehicles found on Vancouver streets today. For each of these vehicles, the auto collision experts at Spotlite Collision are ready to offer top quality repairs. We are fully stocked with a great selection of replacement parts for cars made by Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and more! So, let’s see what are the most popular European cars in Vancouver

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