How Often Should I Wax My Car?

People often think that the more you wax your car the more you’re stripping the paint which, is actually not true. If you are using the proper products for your vehicle and using them correctly then the more you wax the brighter the paint will shine. Dirt, animal droppings and the Vancouver weather are putting a strain on the car’s paint which is why a protective layer of wax is so important. Waxing will actually increase resale value at trade-in time and it is easier to clean between waxing.


How often should you wax your car, and How Can You Tell Waxing is Needed?

Vehicles should be waxed four times a year or once every three months. The best times are the end of spring just before summer begins and in the fall before the winter weather starts. Wax helps protect cars from the harmful UV rays in warm weather and protects from harsh elements in the cold weather. If your car is left in a garage or underground parking you only need to wax your vehicle two times a year. If you leave your vehicle outdoors then it is best that you follow the three-month rule.


You can tell if your car needs to be waxed is by splashing a small amount of water on it. If the water beads up, you do not need waxing. If it doesn’t bead up, then it is time to wax your car.


Types of Waxes

For longer-lasting protection, you will want to use a paste or liquid wax. They are meant to last up to four months if the car is kept inside away from harsh weather. When using a paste or wax using a small overlapping circular motion with a microfibre towel. Focus on one part of the vehicle at a time.


If you are using a spray wax, you will be finished in half the time but you’ll need to apply it more often than the liquid or paste waxes. Auto body shop professionals say that a spray wax should be applied on top of a paste or liquid wax job. You should spray your car a minimum of every two weeks or a maximum of once a month.



The age of your vehicle and how well it has been looked after over the years will come into play on how often you should wax your vehicle. New cars don’t need too much work, since the paintwork is new and in good condition. With up to date cars it’s just a case of making sure it’s suitably protected. If you’ve bought a used car that has a few years on it and the paintwork is dull, scratched or chipped then it is time for you to care for it. Regular polishing, waxing and using a colour restoring product, will help bring it right back to life.


How To Wax A Car?


Step 1: Wash & Dry Your Car

Your car should be cleaned and dried before you start applying wax. Use a good-quality car shampoo and the two bucket method. Use a microfibre towel to dry off your car. If your car has any streak marks or light scratches, polish the vehicle to remove these before applying a coat of wax.


Step 2: Wax Your Car

Using a hard car wax will provide the very best protection for your car’s paintwork. Apply a small amount of wax with a clean cloth to one small section at a time. If you dampen the cloth before applying wax, it will make it easier to spread the wax evenly on the paintwork and will prolong the drying time. Then, with a second cloth (clean and dry) buff the wax to a high shine before moving to the next section of the vehicle. By following this method it will ensure that the wax doesn’t set hard on the paintwork, which ends up making it extremely difficult to remove.


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