Auto body Shop vs. Auto Repair Shop

At an auto body shop in Vancouver, we at Spotlite Collision pride ourselves on being able to answer your questions about auto repairs — even the ones that you may have been scared to ask! In today’s article, we will be discussing the difference between an auto body shop and an auto repair shop as well as the ways that you can benefit you.


Things That an Auto Body Shop Will Do

You have probably used the term “auto shop” used often when car owners talk about bringing their car in for repairs. However, this does not mean that they necessarily went to an auto shop. The differences between the terms can be so minute that even car enthusiasts don’t always know the difference. Here is an overview of things that an auto shop will take care of (note that they may sometimes be called collision centers):


  • Fixing a car after an accident
  • Fixing dents in your car’s body
  • A car paint job
  • Repairing the glass of your car’s windows
  • Replacing the bumper of your car


You may be noticing a theme above — auto body shops are concerned with the overall appearance of your car, and they fix aesthetic things such as damage to your car’s frame and exterior. An auto body shop will not perform repairs on your car’s mechanics. Which brings us to our next point:


Things That an Auto Repair Shop Will Do

An auto repair shop will be concerned with your car’s insides, i.e., the components that ensure that your car is running smoothly. Think of it this way: while an auto body shop is more like a dermatologist, an auto repair shop is more like an internal medicine doctor. Bad analogy, maybe, but you get what we mean! Here are the most common tasks that an auto repair shop may do:


  • Replace your car’s brakes
  • Perform an oil change on your car
  • Replace your car’s engine or components of your car’s engine
  • Repair all other internal components of the vehicle


What is a Mechanic?

The term “mechanic” is often used to refer to anyone who does any kind of work on a vehicle, but is this entirely accurate? In short, no. A mechanic is somebody who is trained to do work on the — you guessed it — mechanics of our vehicle, such as your engine or brakes. However, this does not mean that a mechanic is always the best person to do a repair on your vehicle. For example, if you are looking for a paint job, you would be much better off entrusting somebody who has experienced auto body cosmetic fixes than even the most trained auto mechanics.


Should I Take My Car to an Auto Body Shop or an Auto Repair Shop?

It depends on the type of damage that your car has undergone. Knowing the kind of care that you are seeking for your car can be an important part of saving money and time with your car repair. It is best to give some thought to the type of services you are looking for while keeping in mind that some car repair shops will do both body repairs and mechanical repairs.


Will My Car Ever Need to Go to Both an Auto Body Shop or an Auto Repair Shop?

It’s entirely possible. While it may seem tedious to take your car to two different facilities, you are much better off going to facilities that are specifically prepared to take care of your car’s unique troubles. It is very likely that over the course of your car’s life, you will find yourself taking your car to both an auto body shop or an auto repair shop — sometimes within a short timeframe.


Looking for an Auto Body Shop in Vancouver?

At Spotlite Collision, we specialize in auto body repairs for European cars. We are especially experienced in cosmetic repairs for models such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Landrover. We are fully accredited with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) and use highly-trained technicians who are familiar with all modern repair techniques. Contact us today to see how we can help restore your beloved vehicle back to new.