8 Cost Effective Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car

Buying a brand new or used car is a great investment. You do not only spend money, but also time on it. To get the value on your investment, you should make sure it lasts as long as possible. This requires high level care and maintenance. The following are some of the simple ways on how you can maintain your car to last longer.

Car Maintenance Tips

1. Change the filters often

Your automobile air and oil filters may get clogged after sometimes. Clogging of the filters can bring several problems, so it is advisable to check and change them on a regular basis. It is good to have them replaced during the normal car servicing. The job is simple so you can do it by yourself, but you can also seek help from your mechanic if you are not confident on how to go about it. Washing the filters also goes a long way in enhancing their lifespan.

2. Apply best driving practices

The way you drive your car can highly determine whether it lasts long or not. You should drive it smoothly regardless of the engine condition. Applying the best driving practice help minimize wear and tear. Some of these practices include taking the right control of the steering wheel, pedals, gearbox and looking ahead at all times to avoid sudden breaking. Make sure you rev your engine fully to prevent buildup of carbon deposits that reduce your car efficiency.

3. Leads and spark plug replacements

The performance of your car engine is very essential to the overall efficiency and durability of the car. You can enhance the performance of your car engine by regular replacement of your high tension leads and spark plugs. As you inspect the spark plugs, make sure they have light brown insulators and electrodes. Besides, ensure no signs of deposits, wear or melting are visible. In case the leads are cracked or are worn out, they require replacement. Consult a reputable auto body Vancouver shop to do the job.

4. Change the fluids on a regular basis

It is good to note that fluids act as your car lifeblood. If you do not replenish them, several problems would occur. You should check engine oil bi-weekly. Make sure the oil levels are between the lower and upper limits. The oil should be light yellow brown in colour in case your car has a petrol engine. Dirty and dark oil requires immediate replacement. It is also advisable to check coolant reservoir fortnightly. Fill it with 50 percent antifreeze and same amount of distilled water.

5. Checking and maintaining the tyres

The most critical safety features of your car are the tyres. Checking them once a week is a great way to enhance your car efficiency and saving money. Note that underinflated tyres lead to more fuel consumption, so they should always have the right pressures. Another important consideration to know is that the pressures may differ for the back and front tyres. You can also increase their lifespan by swapping them from time to time. Besides, professional alignment may help reduce the wearing out of the tyres.

6. Cleaning your car

One of the ways of maintaining a car is by regular cleaning. This is not a task that only makes the car look great, but it also increases its overall lifespan. Grime and grit affect the different car moving parts leading to increased risk of tear, wear and corrosion. Take it to a car wash and apply protective spray on the body to reduce the risks of discoloration and cracking.

7. Car battery maintenance

In case you do not use the car for a long time its battery may go flat or degrade. If you jumpstart it, this puts more strain on the battery. This may damage the engine system of the car and other delicate parts. If your car is not being used, you need to use a trickle charger to ensure that battery is topped up.

8. Rust proof the car

Nowadays most of the cars are rust resistant. However, metal corrosion still acts as a factor that affects the lifespan of most cars. Once your car develops rust, it is uneconomical to repair it. Therefore, if you find signs of lasting, you need to act immediately. The first thing you should do is to apply a touch up paint on the affected part before its gets re-sprayed professionally. You can also rust-proof your car by filling the cavities using a waxy substance made to prevent water infiltration.

The above are simple ways you can enhance the lifespan of your car. Car maintenance is not expensive, so you should never allow your car to become inefficient by not doing the right care. You can also regularly take it to a reputable auto body Vancouver shop for regular checking to ensure it is in the right conditions at all times.