8 Common Auto Body Repairs

Why you should know the different types of auto body repair?

Your car is a vital asset worth protecting. It costs you a good investment, so it is necessary to ensure that it is in the right condition at all times. Like any other machine you own, your car is prone to damage as a result of car accident Vancouver or the normal tear and wear. Some of the damages may make your car dysfunctional. Others may not have immediate effect on the functionality of the car, but if they remain unattended, your car may break down at some point. To avoid such inconveniences, it is good to have your car repaired immediately you note there is an issue that requires attention. A good auto body shop in Vancouver can help do the right repairs.

Knowing the different types of auto body repair is necessary to help you make the right decision. The knowledge helps avoid the nervousness that comes when you find your car is damaged. Besides, you also make the right decision as to whether you take it to a car body shop Vancouver or your mechanic.

Types of auto body repair

1. Paintless dent repair

This is one of the most advanced types of auto body repair. It has brought great impact in the auto body business. When a car body gets a dent or dents, but the paint work is not affected, this is the best type of repair to be done. A paintless dent removal is the best option in such a situation. When paintless dent repair is done, your mechanic makes use of the state of the art tools to tap away from the car body dent. After this procedure is completed, you can expect your car to attain its new look again.

2. Body filler

For more severe car body issues, body filling is usually the best option to restore the car.  Your mechanic will apply the body filler, which is a material added to the car dent surface. This type of repairs is the best option when the dent is big. The body filler get smoothened to come up with a smooth line over the dented surface. When the body filler dries completely, the area is then painted to look like the rest of the car body. After the work is completed, your car body does not look like it had any dent.

3. Bumper replacements

Damaged car in repair shop

bumper replacement

During a car accident Vancouver, the back and front bumpers are often the most affected parts. This mostly happens if the accident involves a collision. In case the bumpers get damaged completely, they require to be replaced. A reputable car body shop Vancouver helps order and replaces the bumper with the one that suits your car model and make.

4. Car body painting

This is a common type of auto body repair. The repair is mostly done to help protect the outside part of the car. The body painting helps protect the body from weathering or it can be for cosmetic purposes. During an accident, your car may get direct damage or might get a deep scratch on the outside part after a collision. Most people view this type of repair just for cosmetic purposes, but it goes a long way in protecting your car from further damages. Note that chips and scratches do pose great risks to your car including cracking, paint damage and rusting. Therefore, car body painting helps protect your car from all these issues. The most critical thing is to make sure the paint applied matches the body and model of the car.

5. Car collision repair

car collision repair

collision repair


A car accident in Vancouver may involve collision. Car collision repair may include several fixes and is necessary to enhance the functionality and durability of your car.  A collision can occur anytime and most people tend to ignore the damages that result because they seem minor.  To avoid further problems it is good to have a car body Vancouver shop assess the damage and have it repaired. The repair work may involve working on the damaged frame or other car body parts.



6. Window repair and replacement

Window damage is one of the most common problems you may face with your car. The damage may come in different sizes and shapes. Besides, the damage can result from various causes. Some of the major causes of car window damage include collision, dust storm, hailstorm among others.  This type of auto body repair involves just repairing the window or replacement if it is extremely damaged.

7. Frame alignment and repair

Car frame repair or alignment is necessary to ensure that your car stop shaking or pulling to the right or left while driving. This form of repair is necessary to enhance the overall health of your car. It also helps avoid accidents because when your car shakes or pull to the right or left there is a high risk of accident.

8. Car detailing

Car detailing

car detailing

is a form of auto body repair that may not be necessary to enhance the health of your car. It is a form of repair that just makes you feel proud of your automobile. The repair may involve polishing the taillights and headlights or touching the paint. Besides making your car look good, it also enhances its resale value.

It is our goal to provide peace of mind as well as fast and reliable auto body repair services to everyone who visits our Vancouver auto body shop. For more information, or to arrange for a free and accurate estimate on any repairs you need, feel free to contact us today.